What to Serve With Hummus Recipes

Hummus recipes go great with many different chip and bread options.  You can use pita bread, lightly toasted sliced french bread, or many other options to server your hummus recipes with.

What to serve with hummus recipes

I personally like to use pita chips.  Stacy’s is one common brand I have seen in the grocery store.  Sometimes I buy the flavored pita chips.  Often if I want the flavors of my hummus recipes to shine, I will use plain pita chips.  Then they don’t take anything away from the flavors in the hummus.  Pita chips also are strong enough to stand up to the hummus mixture.  There is nothing worse than diving in, only to have your chip break off in the hummus.  I often put a small hor’dourve knife out when serving hummus recipes with lighter crackers to prevent this from happening.  I guess it all depends on the class level of your party.  If you create some great tasting hummus recipes, they are sure to speak for themselves and they will taste great on almost anything.

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